Finding a suitable job with Michael Page

When it comes to finding a suitable job, the first step is knowing your strengths and defining your goals. Having a job you love means having the skills, education and qualifications you need to successfully complete your work responsibilities. An awareness of what you love about your job helps you narrow down your search when looking for your dream job. Michael Page consultants can help you at every step along the path toward finding your ideal job.

Job advertisements and social media

In this day and age, modern media and social networks are an excellent tool for those looking for a new job. You can look at online job advertisements or make use of your social network by posting your intentions online and talking to your various contacts. Of course, traditional methods such as job advertisements in newspapers are also great ways of finding a suitable job. In many cases our recruitment consultants can also give you insider information.

CV and cover letter

The first impression potential employees have of you is gained from your CV and cover letter. Make sure your CV is written and designed in a way that expresses your professionalism and highlights the skills and qualifications your potential employers are looking for. Your CV also helps Michael Page consultants find positions suitable to your experience and career goals, and they also work with you to improve your CV and cover letter before you submit them to companies. This gives you an edge over your competition when looking for a suitable job.

Soft skills and personality

No matter the field in which you are trying to find a suitable job, employers will look beyond your education and qualifications to your personality and soft skills. Are you able to communicate with your managers and fellow employees or with company customers? Are you a team player? Do you get along well with others? Working on your soft skills vastly improves your ability to find your dream job.

Our recruitment consultants can offer a lot of advice and are well equipped to help you find your dream job. Contact us today for more information about our services and set up your profile.