Our in-depth analysis and surveys on employment and related areas

In this section you can find information on topics related to the world of work, covering issues such as your personal online branding, salaries, and commuting.
You will also find our Confidence Index here, a comparison tool that allows you to judge the mood of the nation in terms of employment.
These tools will help you to better understand where you stand in the Swiss marketplace, so, set your career to growth mode by utilising their information.

Technology, Innovation & Recruitment Trends 2021

Tech, Innovation & Recruitment TrendsDiscover the main challengues SME's and large companies faced in the last year, key areas for next investments and the most strategic Technology and Innovation roles.

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MarktbarometerFind out about how companies in Switzerland are navigating through Q4 2020 in the covid era.

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The Future of Hiring

The Future of HiringThe Future of Hiring will help you navigate the challenges and exploit the opportunities of this new reality. Unleash the value of soft skills, enable your best people to bring even more talent to your business and find out how Michael Page can help you hire the right people at any time, every time.

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Benefits that attract the best talent

Benefits that attract the best talentWe asked more than 500 employees in Switzerland about their most sought-after benefits and perks at work. Find out if your company is able to give you what you need and take a look at our infographic.

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Future of Work

Future of WorkYou’ve probably seen the headline “robots are coming for your job!” While there is no doubt that some job roles will become obsolete as technology evolves, the likes of AI, automation and robotics are not here to “take over.” They’re actually enhancing what we do, and how we do it.

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Trend Watch - Sector Trends with a Global Perspective

Trend WatchOur survey of over 18,000 professionals in 36 countries revealed hotspots in Marketing, Engineering, HR, Finance and Sales for candidates. We looked at why, exploring the key trends and emerging opportunities in these locations.

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CFO and Financial Leadership Insights

CFO InsightsFor the CFO & Financial Leadership Insights Michael Page personally interviewed an international panel of CFOs from regional and global companies between December 2017 and January 2018 concerning the human challenges they face, and how they have dealt with them.

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Salary Factsheets

Salary FactsheetsDo you want to compare your salary to similar positions in a different sector? Would like to know the average salary for the position you apply for?

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Transport and commute survey

Transport SurveyIn a PageGroup study to better understand the commuting habits of those in Europe, we surveyed 1,558 professionals in Switzerland to understand what impact commuting has on retention, productivity and work in general.

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