Building a resilient recruitment plan: Insights from a study report for micro, small and medium sized enterprises

SMEs business analysis report - key findings:

We have interviewed 500+ (co)decision makers regarding personnel recruitment in SMEs in Switzerland. The results clearly show the impact of the unprecedented current context on SME recruitment. Still, recruiting is at the top of the list for most SMEs.

78% find it difficult to fill vacancies with suitable applicants.

81% have increased or maintained their recruiting budget from 2022 to 2023.

27% have difficulties in meeting the salary expectations of applicants.

Download the whole study report and find out:

Which advantages do SMEs consider to have in recruiting compared to large organisations?

What are SMEs struggling with the most: their internal organisation or the external context of the job market?

Which resources take center stage in recruitment in SMEs?

Which advices do our experts have?

“This study confirms the trend of what our consultants at Michael Page experience on a daily basis: It is becoming increasingly difficult for SMEs to find the right personnel. The recruiting and onboarding process, the costs and too high salary expectations overwhelm many companies, who often lack resources and know-how. With Switzerland experiencing historical unemployment levels, SME recruitment will continue to be a challenge in the foreseeable future.”

Managing Director, PageGroup Switzerland

500 SME clients in 2022: Michael Page is your trusted recruitment advisor

About this study:

A total of 502 (co)decisionmakers regarding personnel recruitment in SMEs were interviewed through web-based interviews conducted in February and March 2023 by the independent market research firm Marketagent. The questionnaire was co-designed by PageGroup Switzerland and Marketagent, using behavioural science from Marketagent’s human understanding experts.