Salary guide 2023

Employment and recruitment trends: Discover our salary guide for 2023

Most sought-after talents and in-demand key skills: deep dive into the upcoming recruitment trends with our new salary guide. 

Do you want to assess your salary level? Attract and retain talent by adjusting your salary grids to the latest trends? Compiled in one guide, our recruitment experts have thoroughly analysed the salary levels currently in place in Switzerland, as well as the latest market trends per sector – all you need to establish your recruitment strategy or (re) negotiate your salary.

Employment and recruitment trends: Discover our salary guide for 2023


Salary benchmarking by functions and positions

Discover the current salaries of more than 475 positions across 12 sectors of activity for different levels of experience.


Hiring trends by sector

Find a complete study of the job market, carefully analysed by our recruitment experts: key market trends, most in-demand skills and most wanted profiles.

Job outlook 2023: How to act upon the historical candidate shortage

In a candidate driven market, what is your value on the job market, and what do you as a company have to offer to attract and retain talent? Based on several surveys among job seekers in Switzerland, as well as +20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have listed key trends and solutions for you.  

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Salaries, skills, recruitment in 2023: don’t miss out on the latest trends in your sector.
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About our salary guide

"Our salary and trends analysis benchmarks profiles on SME & Blue-Chip organisations with salary data until end of Q3 2022 across the entire territory of Switzerland for entry level up to executive positions. The 1,500+ placements we complete each year represent the primary source of information. These data are aggregated with the salary information provided by the +25,000 candidates we are meeting each year – excluding the ones who are not currently working in Switzerland. In case the sample of data gathered won’t be sufficient to provide with an accurate view on salary trends, we will use external source of information and metrics from our previous salary surveys and confront them to the overall perspective on salaries shared by our clients.
Due to the variety of missions we conduct each year, we present in this survey mid-point figures that may vary +/- 15% according to the company’s location, size, sector and benefits practices. Due to the great diversity of bonus systems and processes in Swiss companies, all salaries listed are fixed salaries only (including lump sum if applicable).