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About us

PageGroup is a leader in the recruiting industry with 140 offices located in 36 countries around the world. You can visit our corporate website to find out more. The core brand, Michael Page, finds specialised employees and managers to fill vacant positions in a variety of fields:



We introduce like-minded companies and candidates

Michael Page is a global leader in specialized recruitment consulting with more than 6,000 employees who apply their expertise in bringing together like-minded companies and candidates. We work on both a national scale in Switzerland as well as on an international scale, increasing our pool of candidates from which companies can choose.

We have what it takes to help you succeed.

Michael Page takes its job seriously and only works with expert consultants who have years of experience in their respective field. With our consultants by your side you can fill even the most challenging positions with candidates who have the skills and qualifications you need to succeed. We hire specialists who in turn work for both specialised companies and specialised candidates.

We are ahead of the curve.

Our success is derived from the fact that we forge ahead while other recruiting agencies sit idly by. Our highest priority is ensuring that only the best candidates get their foot in the door at competitive companies, creating a win-win situation for those with positions to fill and those looking for challenging jobs that allow them to use their full potential. Moreover, our consultants are constantly working to improve our processes, further facilitating our ability to get our job done.

We continue to grow.

Our success is apparent in our constant growth-even in times when the recruiting industry was shrinking, our company continued to expand. We believe that our success comes from our commitment to helping you succeed, to tending to the needs of our candidates and of the companies who use us to recruit for their open positions. Hand in hand we walk the path of success with our customers and candidates, ensuring a bright future for everyone involved.