The COVID-19 health crisis altered the meaning and the idea behind digital transformation for most companies. It moved from being an end process, an idea, an element of future operations to work towards, and into an immediate reality. 

Thanks to the rapid pivot from the office to remote work, powered by digital solutions, many companies were able to continue operations, while exploring other new ways of working and communicating with their customers. 

This is shown by an international survey we conducted at PageGroup among over 1,200 Managing Directors, HR Directors and CTOs in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. The figures in this survey reflect only the Swiss market.  

What data does the survey reveal about Tech & Innovation projects in Swiss companies? 

  • Prioritization of Tech & Innovation projects in Swiss companies 

  • Strategic actions implemented  

  • Main challenges Swiss companies faced in the last year 

  • Key areas for next investments  

  • The most strategic IT & Digital roles in Switzerland 

Would you like to access the data from our survey? 

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