The Swiss job market is facing a big change. The number of temp jobs has grown from 6,7 % in 2010 to 8,0 % in 2017. Yet, there are many uncertainties about temporary work. How much do you earn; what are the benefits, and are you entitled to holidays? Find some answers below to the most important questions. 

As the job market is becoming more flexible, many people of all ages are now choosing to work exclusively in temporary roles. If you are looking for a career change, a temp job could be just what you need.

1. What are the advantages of temporary work? 

Depending on the moment in your career and your personal situation, temporary work can have many advantages. 

More flexibility 

There are many reasons why people would want more flexibility: for example, you may want to combine working with travelling. Or because you are looking for a better work-life balance. A temporary position gives you the freedom to work at the time that suits you best. The first 3 months of their assignment, temporary workers have a notice period of just 2 days. 

Broaden or deepen your skills 

According to our the results of our Job Applicant Confidence Index, more than 69% of the candidates under the age of 30 expect to develop more professional skills in the months ahead and almost 46% envisage broadening their responsibilities. You can try our different roles or industries Freelancing and flexi work are definitely regarded by those new to the labour market as a good way of gaining a lot of experience in different sectors. 

2. What can you earn with temporary work? 

The temporary worker's salary is usually calculated on an hourly, daily or even monthly rate and is paid through the Page Personnel payroll. 

3. What are the secondary benefits for temporary workers? 

Temporary workers are entitled to the same secondary benefits as employees with a permanent contract. That means, for example, that they are entitled to the same number of vacation days and working hours. 

4. What are reasons companies hire temporary workers? 

Companies engage people on a temporary basis for many reasons including the following:

  • To cover for maternity leave or other absences
  • During particularly busy periods of the year assistance with special projects
  • During a hiring freeze
  • To analyse whether a new position needs to be made into a permanent one 

5. Are temporary workers entitled to holidays? 

Temporary workers are entitled to the same number of holidays as employees with a permanent contract. That means that they are entitled to four to five weeks per year, on a full-time basis (40 hours). Page Personnel pays holiday pay, along with standard hourly pay from the beginning of each assignment to all temporary workers. 

6. How do I stay in work? 

Professionalism and the maintenance of excellent relations with your consultant and our clients are the crucial factors to ensure a steady stream of temp jobs. Update your consultant on your availability and any changes to your personal details, such as address, phone numbers and email. Also, keep your CV up-to-date with newly acquired experience and skills learnt. 

Find out how temp jobs can develop your career.