No matter how much you prepare for your interview you may still be faced with some difficult or unexpected questions. We have put together a list of ten challenging questions you may be asked in your next interview as well as some suggested answers. Let us help you have your best interview yet.

Why did you leave your last job / Why do you want to leave your current job?

Turn this question into a positive reinforcement of why you want to work at the company you are interviewing. Mention your desire for a greater challenge and how the company would give you a chance to achieve your goals.

How do you deal with criticism?

Say that you are only human and expect to make mistakes and hope to learn from them. You may even want to give an example of a time you took positive criticism and made yourself better.

What is the source of your motivation?

A good answer to this question has to do with your work ethic, personal vision, and goals. Stray from any mention of money or prestige.

Are you actively pursuing positions at other companies?

This question offers you great leverage. Let your interviewer know you are actively looking and even have interviewed for other jobs. Being in demand is an attractive quality.

What do you have that other candidates do not?

This is your chance to mention your greatest strengths and accomplishments. There is no need to boast, but don't be shy about selling yourself. Answer confidently and honestly.

Are there any aspects of the position you do not find appealing?

This is definitely a tricky question. Your safest bet is to say that though you do not see any issues at the moment, it is not uncommon for unpleasent aspects to arise later. State that this is natural and definitely not a problem.

Are you comfortable taking directions from superiors?

Your answer should emphasise your ability to work as a team player. Give an example from your past to reinforce your statement.

Tell us about a mistake you have made and what you learned from it.

Answer this question honestly but stray from any embarrassing or overly-personal stories. Remember: you want to present yourself as a professional!

What sort of salary are you expecting?

In response to this tricky question make sure you have researched what the market standard is. You do not need to give a specific number, but feel free to state you expect at least the minimum, or more based on your qualifications.

Do YOU have any questions?

Saying "no" shows a lack of interest, so have at least one prepared. Keep your question related to the position or the company.