In order to ensure a sense of self and fulfilment in your career it is important to set immediate as well as long-term goals and stay true to them. If you find yourself unsatisfied or have the feeling that you are not able to achieve those goals in your current position, it is time to redefine your career plan.

Set your goal

First things first: sit down and redefine your career goals. These may have changed throughout the years as you have grown both professionally and personally. Ask yourself the following questions: What motivates me to do a good job? Where do I see myself in five years? What are the three most important requirements of a job? Having a clear picture of what you want in the future makes it easier to move forward.

Expand your knowledge and skill set

Perhaps one of the reasons you have not been able to move forward and realise your career plan is a lack of skills. Realistically assess your strengths and weaknesses. You may need to enrol in courses or get certifications in order to move forward.

Assess your current job

Now that your goals are clear it is time to take an honest look at your current job. Can you reach the targets you've outline in this position? If the answer is no, it is time to make some changes. Talk to your supervisors about options within the company. Maybe you can take on new responsibilities or move to a new department. However, it may be that your career plan requires you to look elsewhere for advancement.

Search for a better position

Should you decide to start a job search, make sure your career plan is always on your mind. Only apply for positions you truly believe fit within the structure of your career plan. This may limit the number of openings available to you, but it ensures that any offer you receive is one you are genuinely interested in pursuing.

Trust your career plan

Knowing what you want is an advantage when looking to make a career shift. If you stay true to your goals, you will find yourself enthusiastic and excited about the possibilities. This type of energy is attractive to HR managers and can only benefit you during the application process. It also makes you a better employee. Make sure you monitor your progress and reassess your career plan often, as doing so ensures that you stay true to what you desire in a career.