What brought you to PageGroup? 

My story at Page started 5 years ago when I decided to embrace a new challenge and pause my HR career. After ten years as a HR Business Partner in the Automotive Sector, working both in Germany and France, I relocated from Paris to follow my husband. I was looking for something completely different.

Tell us about your PageGroup career so far

I first joined the HR Division in Geneva as a consultant. After my manager left for Lausanne, I reported to the Finance Manager Division covering HR positions by myself and gave birth to my second child in 2016. Back in the game, Page decided to reorganize our HR Business and I joined the Office Management and Support team during Summer 2017 as a Consultant. I was promoted 3 times: Senior Consultant end of 2017, Associate during Summer 2018 and Senior Associate in July 2019. There are a few reasons why I joined PageGroup including a great management team, strong culture and career progression.

What is most rewarding about your job?

All the managers that I met before joining PageGroup made it very clear that if you work hard, you get rewarded for it. It is a challenging role where you manage your own business and can see the outcome of your persistence. The impact of a recruiter is twofold. First, I can literally change the life of an individual by placing them in their dream job and second, I can effectively change the direction and the success of a corporation with a single great hire in a key position.

What skills from your background in HR helped with your transition into recruitment?

My former company was a center of expertise recognised to highly train their workers to a culture of achievement, feedback and results. The transition was therefore easy for me. I already had the knowledge of the technical side of recruitment, but my soft skills were the most helpful. The ability to create relationship with my customers as well as possessing good organisational skills and time management are the key assets to be successful in the recruitment industry.

What advice would you give someone with a Sales background who wanted a job in recruitment?

Everything is a matter of organization, hard work and mindset. We can all be a “Parent at Page involved 200% in our job. The first six months are the hardest. Use this time to learn and develop your skills. Listen to your clients, candidates and those who know the industry. Learn from your mistakes. Do not take no for an answer. Always be resilient and bounce-back from the inevitable setbacks. Throw yourself into it completely.