Many temps are skilled workers who have left permanent employment in search of a more flexible career. So, if you already have the skills and expertise that are needed in-house from your permanent employees but have recognised the need for an occasional niche skill set, you might consider bringing someone in on a temporary basis. There are different types of temps, ranging from contract and freelance to interim, so whatever your needs are, chances are, there’s someone out there who’ll fit the bill.

Some of the main advantages of temporary employees are:

  • They are fast hires and make an immediate difference

If you have regular employee absences, need to cover maternity leave, or have seasonal demands, hiring temp staff eliminates the need to appoint a permanent resource that isn’t required year-round.

  • They bring fresh perspectives

Do you promote people because of their leadership skills or to reward years of service and experience? Whatever your reasons, candidates will get an idea of what attributes you reward.

  • They can be extremely skilled in their niche, so are good for special projects

Many temporary professionals are experts in their industry and should be adaptable.

  • They can fill a position while you’re looking for a permanent employee

If a member of staff has departed suddenly, or you simply haven’t had enough time to find a replacement, hiring a temp can make this transition easier, and there’ll be no loss of productivity.

  • You have the option of hiring them permanently when their contract runs out

You might decide that the person you’ve hired on a temporary basis adds value to your organisation and hire them permanently. You’ll already have seen how well they work in your team so should be in a good place to make an offer. Remember though, some people choose to be temps for a reason and they may turn your offer down.

  • The opportunity to move from temp to perm can be a motivator

For those that do want permanent work, they will be very willing to work hard and prove themselves an asset, in the hope that you hire them.

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