With a lot of know-how, specialised consultants and almost 40 years of experience in recruitment consulting, we always find suitably specialised and skilled employees for you. We work systematically and make use of a diverse range of sources.

A mix of standardised methods and innovative approaches

We use two strategies to find qualified applicants for your vacant positions: standardised methods that have been successfully used in employee recruitment for many decades, and innovative approaches that we choose in accordance with the vacant position. This mix of classic employee acquisition and innovative methods, such as recruiting via social media, within personal network or through unconventional channels allows us to find suitable candidates, even for special requirements.

The basic foundation we use is a large pool of applicants with candidates from our network, through which we quickly find suitable specialised and skilled employees. Said pool of qualified candidates is fed from many sources. We have already held a personal interview with all candidates that we present to you. Thus, we know our applicants and save you a lot of time and effort with our pre-selection.

How we also find the right applicants for special requirements

Our speciality is employee acquisition for specific requirements. The more unique the job profile, the more difficult it is to find suitable candidates. Often, the time factor also causes stress. To ensure your success, we also use innovative methods. The internet is certainly not the least of our tools. Using social media, our experienced consultants can find specialised and skilled employees who are ideally suited to the profile for your vacant position.

We also pursue unconventional methods for very special requirements and write, for example, advertisements in online forums. Last but not least, we also announce open positions on our own website, which is an important contact point for many candidates looking for a new job.

A detailed analysis of your requirements

We analyse your requirements before the actual search begins. In this way we can identify the most important abilities and know-how that applicants need to have for the vacant position. This allows for a targeted search, both in our pool of applicants and on the job market. We also utilise classic job advertisements. We are assisted by online job portals as well as print media, through which we have direct access to the specified target group. Our experienced consultants know precisely which media to use to reach suitable candidates and which words to use to find the best specialised and skilled employees.

We even find international employees for you

In order to find great specialised and skilled employees, we also search internationally. We are deployed around the world and have excellent contacts who consult with us in various countries around the world. Our pool of applicants comprises international candidates who can help you with special requirements in foreign markets.

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