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Healthcare - Switzerland - Salary overview

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The impact of generic drugs

In most of the countries where we operate, the prevailing regulatory and pricing frameworks set by government heavily influence the market. Now that many patents have reached end of life, generic drugs have taken an important share from large pharmaceuticals, and have disrupted the market in doing so.

Spreading the net for worldwide recruitment

Recently, we have seen new demand from US companies seeking to establish their headquarters on Swiss territory. In turn, this has led to increasing demand to recruit candidates from across the world. Companies already based in Switzerland are investing significantly in recruiting candidates in market access, the health economy, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and medical affairs.

It’s not just about the money

While candidates are still seeking attractive compensation, other factors influence their decision when it comes to a career move. Having a discernible career path is becoming key, combined with there being a good chemistry with management and fellow team members.