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Finance & Accounting Switzerland - Salary overview


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Employer's requirements: Flexibility is key

We are seeing an increased demand for finance professionals with strong expertise in accounting and financial control. In addition to these core competencies, companies are looking for professionals who can demonstrate good communication skills and a solid knowledge of IT/ERP.

As employers are still driving cost optimisation and transformation projects, they need a workforce that can thrive in an environment where change is the only constant, and whose salary expectations are flexible.

We observe significant salary variations across different industries for similar roles. The oil & gas, tobacco, financial services and pharmaceutical sectors pay considerably higher salaries (up to 20% more) than the retail and manufacturing sectors.


Candidates' expectations: It's not just about the money

Candidates are generally looking to consolidate their careers and to move into positions that represent either a change of sector (to broaden their experience), or a step up the career ladder.