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Commodity Trading – Switzerland – Salary Overview

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Market trends

Reorganisation and cost optimisation are putting the squeeze on salaries

Following the reorganisation by large players of their support functions, we have witnessed market change with a decline in salaries, especially in operational and back-office roles among commodities operators, shipping, clearing and general administrative functions.

Gaps between the soft commodities, energy and metals

There remains a significant difference in salaries between the three sectors of energy, metals and soft commodities. Oil is still king! – so much is certain. We have also observed large gaps in how bonus schemes affect salaries within the different sectors.

How location affects take-home pay

There is competition at an international level between the commodities hubs of Geneva, London and Singapore. Here, the large institutions have pools of candidates to draw on but remain focused on finding the right people.

Energy Traders top Commodities Trading Salary Tables


What our clients are looking for

Clients are looking for candidates to be versatile and adaptable. Within boutique organisations, the scope of the employee’s responsibilities has expanded.

What candidates expect

Salary is a key driver in attracting the best talent and it’s also true that the lifestyle enjoyed in Switzerland is a magnet for talent. However, as the big players compete among themselves for the best people, it is not only compensation and benefits, such as an aggressive bonus scheme, that influence the candidate’s decision.