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Banking & Financial Services - Switzerland - Salary Overview

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Market trends


Recruitment in a fast moving market

Overall, we see a more dynamic market in the banking sector with the speed of hiring accelerating due to faster recruitment processes. In this current market, we are also observing that highly skilled candidates are pursuing multiple options concurrently.

Growth areas

Asset management in particular shows strong potential for global growth. Simultaneously Fintech companies are entering the market, attracting new types of talent.


What our clients are looking for

Digitalisation and the need for innovation remain key topics, forcing companies to look for professionals who offer a combination of IT and project management paired with sound banking knowledge.

What candidates expect

To attract the best candidates in today’s market employers are offering good salaries and benefits such as flexible working hours, home office, part time roles and an education allowance for continued studies.
Millennials rate soft factors, such as development opportunities and growth potential highly. They favour flat organisational structures and companies that encourage an entrepreneurial mindset.

Overview on salaries

Generally speaking, salaries are stable. On average, a move to a new company can bring a salary increase of 5-10%.
Entry-level positions at larger organisations continue to attract relatively high salaries. Once professionals reach middle management, they can expect to see a strong improvement in their compensation & benefits package.
Location also plays an important role: there is a gap of 10-15% between major cities such as Zurich and Geneva and the rest of Switzerland.