In today’s context, truths that were believed to be certain appear doubtful. As the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector is immensely affected by that, we have surveyed our 200 consultants worldwide to reveal trends you shouldn't miss - and how these developments can impact your talent acquisition efforts.   

Make everything right

Julie Ardouin, Senior Manager Healthcare & Life Sciences:

"Our recruiting specialists and executives in the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector encounter the “new normality” of remote working and the resulting amplification of their candidate sources, while at the same time new political and legal hurdles have slowed down the candidates’ mobility. Thus, “hire global" suddenly co-exists with "hire super local", depending on the company's starting position." 

In "Talent Mobility", the first e-book of our series, you will learn about:    

  • Why candidates reject your job offers. Tip: It's all down to Talent Mobility 

  • What you need to offer talents who evolve in a growing remote work culture with limited travel opportunities

  • Discover successful, innovative and flexible approaches to candidate engagement     

  • Opportunities identified by our partners from China, Spain, France, the UK and Saudi Arabia     

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