Recruitment - Commodity Trading

Michael Page Commodity Trading is committed to the recruitment of qualified executives in a multitude of roles within the sector. Amongst other areas, we focus on Metals, Energy, Freight, and Agricultural products. Whether you are searching for a new position or looking for a professional candidate to fill an open position, Michael Page consultants can help you find or fill a position in Commodity Trading. Michael Page Commodity Trading encompasses the following areas and career sectors:

  • Back office: contract management, bookkeeping, audit, finance management, intern audit, credit management
  • Middle office (operations): risk management, transport & logistics, finance management, operations, financial advice
  • Front office: customer support, risk management, trading
Michael Page recruiters are experts in their field. They understand the market trends and standards in commodity trading and are always on top of the most current information. Their expertise and experience allow you to find your ideal job or a qualified candidate in the commodity trading sector. Our network expands not only across Switzerland and Europe, but truly across the globe. The PageGroup has over 150 offices in 36 countries. The vast reach of our network means you are connected in as many ways as possible. No matter how detailed, specific, or specialised a position may be, Michael Page will find the right person for it. Time and again, the Commodity Trading division at Michael Page Switzerland brings like-minded companies and candidates together.

Our approach

We at Michael Page have decades' worth of experience in the recruitment field. We know what it takes to succeed, and our approval ratings prove it. The majority of our business - approximately 90% - comes from personal referrals and returning customers. We make use of common methods as well as innovative approaches such as social media and online forums and other less conventional channels. This two-pronged approach facilitates our ability to get our job done so that you spend less time and effort on recruiting without sacrificing on the quality of your candidates and ultimately your new employee. Whether you are applying for a job or looking for a new employee, our consultants help you at every step of the way and ensure that everyone comes out ahead.

Why Michael Page?

A team of specialised consultants, built throughout more than 40 years of market experience

Comprehensive, international and constantly updated CV-Database

Personalised assistance throughout all the recruiting process.