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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Four Ways to Future Proof Your Career

Zürich, 12. September 2018. We all see the headlines: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots will destroy jobs. This is a doomsday scenario, rather than fact according to a the “Future of Work” study by the recruitment agency, Michael Page. AI is leading to an evolution in the job market which, with the right preparation, will be positive. Based on their research and frontline experience, Michael Page recommend four key ways for candidates to take advantage of this long-term trend and future-proof their careers.

1. Prepare your Virtual CV

The days of the CV as we know it are coming to an end. The CV of the Future will be a personalised, interactive space powered by AI. The study outlines a cloud-based but private, data protected space allowing access to candidates’ professional references, project reports, publications, video data. The material will be secured with blockchain as unalterable proof of past experiences and achievements. It will be designed to be scanned by AI to evaluate suitability of profile to a job description and vice versa.

2. Follow the Money: Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

According to Jérôme Bouin, Managing Director, PageGroup, “We see increasing shortages and competition for talent especially in the engineering, technical, mathematical and computing fields. For example, the Michael Page Swiss Job Index recorded 29% year-on-year growth for engineers and 39% YOY growth for IT professionals during August 2017-2018. With few exceptions this will only increase over the next 10 years”.

3. Commit to Life-long Learning and Development

As more people live to be 100 and remain in the workforce long, it’s impossible that a single shot of education, administered in childhood and early adulthood, will be able to support a sustained, 60-year career. Employees of all ages, must be prepared to constantly upgrade their skills because jobs across most fields are becoming increasingly complex – a trend that is unlikely to change. Organisations which do not provide support for up-skilling, risk being left behind as employees favour those that do.

4. Build your Problem-Solving Skills

The increasing adoption of AI means that some of the mundane tasks like answering emails and data entry will be undertaken by intelligent assistants. Employees with both soft and technical skills to come up with solutions to business problems will be in ever higher demand. For example, this is why IT companies employ or reward hackers with “hacker bounties” for finding vulnerabilities in their systems. Likewise, employers are increasingly interested in people who have work experience in different countries and cultures which they can bring to bear in problem solving.

According to the Michael Page study, human capabilities will continue to be the greatest asset of employers.


Michael Page

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