After having worked for recruitment agencies in Europe and Asia for several years, I started work at PageGroup as an Executive Manager. My first task was to set up a new office in Monaco. In the first five months, I worked at our Paris office in order to build up a relationship with my French and international colleagues and with colleagues doing similar work. The office in Monaco officially opened in October 2008. I was appointed Director in January 2011 and given responsibility for the Département Alpes-Maritimes, where I set up the second office in the region and the eighth Michael Page office in France. In January 2014 I was promoted to Senior Director and decided to embrace the associate career path in 2021 as I became Associate Executive Director of Michael Page Zurich.

Nicolai's responsibilities

  • Creating, adapting and implementing business strategies to matching our market and continue our growth
  • Project management and responsible for day-to-day business
  • Recruiting top talent Michael Page Zurich

Nicolai's tips

  • Do what you enjoy
  • Take what you do seriously
  • Get to know your clients
  • Convey a positive image of the company
  • Surround yourself with top performers and be inspired by their positive attitude
  • Leave nothing to chance
  • Manage margins prudently and keep an account of profits and losses
  • Stay in contact with the sales team
  • Remember that the customer is king
  • Treat clients and candidates as you would want to be treated