Writing a winning cover letter

In most cases your cover letter is the first chance potential employers have to get to know who you are as an employee and an individual. Thus, writing an excellent cover letter is your just step to getting your foot in the door for your dream job. Michael Page offers you several tips on writing an outstanding cover letter.

Customise your cover letters and check your work

Many people looking for a new job make the mistake of submitting a generic form of their cover letter with each and every job application. Customising your cover letter to address the specific needs of each particular job significantly increases your chances of being invited for a job interview, as it tells your future employer that you put time and effort into your work. In addition to customising your cover letter, also ensure that your spelling and grammar is impeccable. Careless mistakes will land your cover letter - and by extension your application - in the reject pile, so be sure to double-check your work and to have a friend or family member read over your cover letter as well.

Inspire your potential employer

Use your cover letter to express to your future employer why you want the job and to convince him or her that there is no better candidate for the position. Let your strengths and competence shine through and briefly recount some of the professional and private experiences that will help the company succeed if they hire you. Be sure that the experiences you share are relevant to the particular job so that your future boss can get a clear idea of how he or she will benefit.

Talk to a recruitment consultant

The consultants at Michael Page are experts in their field and their experience and know-how in their relevant industries as well as their knowledge of particular companies can give you the edge you need to write a winning cover letter. Coupled with a well-crafted CV - which our consultants will also help you write and design - you can rest assured that you have an advantage over your competition. Contact our consultants today and in no time at all you'll be starting your first day at your dream job.