Writing an effective job description

A team of exceptional employees is the foundation of any successful company. When a position opens up, finding the perfect person for that job is a must. The first step is to create a job description that attracts exactly who you desire. In this competitive market it is essential to be specific and detailed in your job offer. Why read through applications from unsuitable candidates when all it takes is one application from the right one?

Introduce your company

To attract a candidate you must first introduce your company and corporate philosophy. Give potential applicants an idea of what sort of business you run and what kind of work environment to expect. You may want to include a mission statement as well as describe what kind of team you already have. Be direct, unique, and honest.

Describe the job on offer

After giving the candidate an idea of who your company is, explain the job on offer. An alluring advertisement should state the location, job title, and basic responsibilities. When crafting a job description, the language used should be clear and avoid any confusing abbreviations. Using business specific phrases will attract those who really fit the bill. The description must give enough information on the key responsibilities of the job. The consultants at Michael Page can give advice to get the description right.

Outline your requirements

Save yourself time and stress; present clear specifications of your minimum requirements in your job description. List all educational and professional minimums as well as any additional qualifications or skills you demand from your future employee. You will need to comply with non-discrimination standards on, for example, age or nationality. A precise job description will weed out hundreds of candidates from the start. It will save reading through the CVs of candidates that just are not suitable.

State the benefits

Let potential applicants know from the start what sort of benefits they can expect from the job on offer. It is helpful for job-seekers to know what level of compensation and working conditions they can expect. If your company has incentive or furthering education programmes, mention those as well.

Ask an expert

Optimise your job description by talking to people who know what skills and knowledge are required such as line managers or employees in similar positions. A recruitment consultant can also make sure the advertisement is clear and effective. The experts at Michael Page write targeted job descriptions on a daily basis to ensure their clients attract the most suitable candidate.