Job search advice

This section covers the basics of the job search process, with insights on career planning and how the Michael Page team can assist you in finding your next role
Finding a job that suits you
When it comes to finding a suitable job, the first step is knowing your strengths and defining your goals. Having a job you love means having the skills, education and qualifications you need to successfully complete your work responsibilities.
How to find a job
The process of finding a new job is often a difficult one. Whether currently unemployed or simply unsatisfied with your present position, a job hunt can be time-consuming and daunting. However, it does not have to be.
Your network can be vital to your professional success. A strong and expansive network gives you insight into trends as well as insider information on job openings and movement within the company.
The role of social media in your job search
Social media has become a part of our daily lives. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are not just a good way to stay in touch with friends and family; these and similar sites are also wonderful tools for a finding a new job.
How Michael Page can help
The role of a recruitment consultant is to facilitate the best possible match between you and a potential employer. Here’s how the team at Michael Page can support your job search and help you to achieve your career goals.
Searching for a new job can often be a daunting task. Whether you are currently unemployed or looking for a change from your current position, a successful job hunt involves hours of work and loads of energy.  
Your online reputation plays a vital role when looking for a job. Undoubtedly, HR managers will take a look at applicants' Facebook, Twitter, Xing, and LinkedIn profiles.