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Tips for moving into management

The move into a management position is full of new challenges and responsibilities. These new expectations can be a bit daunting to those confronted with them for the first time. Preparation, an open demeanour, and a desire to learn more are the keys to your success. Read on to discover some tips to help make your move into management smooth and easy.

Know what is expected of you

Right from the very beginning it is important you know what is required of you in your new managerial position. You must, for example, be able to determine the priority level of various tasks and goals. You also must assess which problems require immediate attention and which can be dealt with later. A good manager is able to identify potential risks and deal with them accordingly. Above all else, strong communication skills are vital for a successful career in management. Be sure you can always clearly state what you need as well as what you expect from your employees.

Develop your skills

The ability to motivate employees as well as solve problems quickly and efficiently are just two of the many skills you will need in your managerial position. Most companies offer private coaching sessions and specialised courses to help managers develop and improve their skill set. There are also many online resources for those looking to learn more. Interactive training sessions, online journals, and forums devoted to management issues are just a few of the options. Speak with other managers and learn from their experiences. It is also helpful to think about former managers you have admired and emulate them. What did they do that inspired you? Learning more will help you develop not only your skills but also your own unique managerial style.

Learn to delegate and lead

An effective manager is the driving force behind a department or division. You are now the coach instead of a player on the team. As a manager your abilitiy to delegate tasks fairly and effectively is key. Know your employees' strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks accordingly. As the leader of a team, you must be able to clearly communicate your definition of success and inspire everyone to give their best. You also want to create a welcoming and attractive work environment. Each member of your team needs to feel valued and trusted in order to grow and achieve goals both individually and collectively.