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Make a change and move forward

If you find yourself continually unsatisfied with your current position, perhaps it is time to consider making a career change. A job is an important part of daily life; it should not only pay the bills but bring a sense of fulfilment, pride, and even joy. Maybe you need a new challenge or feel it is time to finally go after your dream job. Whatever the reason may be, the decision to make a career change is a big one. Read on for our tips and advice.

Discover what your motivation is

It is important to figure out what is motivating you to make this big change in your life. Do you need more or less responsibility? Do you want more time for friends and family? Do you require a better salary? Are you working in an industry that does not interest you? Pinpoint all the reasons you want to leave your current position. This will help you immensely in the job search ahead.

Prepare yourself

Once you have established what your requirements for your new career path are, it is time to make sure you are prepared for the job. You may have to take some classes or receive certifications-make sure you know this before you start applying for jobs. It is important to remember that many companies are happy to help you move within the company. Talk to a supervisor about your options. Perhaps you can transfer departments or do an internal training program for a different position.

Start the search

The internet is a great resource when searching for a job. Many companies post job openings online or even on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Xing. Keep your social media profiles up-to-date and professional; HR managers and recruiters will be looking at them, so always have a current CV and headshot uploaded and avoid anything inappropriate. You can also let trusted contacts know you are looking and enlist their help. You may also want to utilise recruitment consultants. These experts are always up-to-date with what companies are hiring and often know about job openings before anyone else. Recruitment specialists can review your CV and send it out to potential employers as well as arrange interviews and negotiate contracts. Changing careers is a big decision but if you can find your dream job, it is well worth it.