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This section offers attraction and recruitment advice. Check out our handy articles on how to attract the best talent to your business.
Not all companies realise that talented employees nowadays look for more than only a well paid job. That’s why bad employer branding can cost you the best candidates.
Six things modern leaders can learn from Kodak´s Moment
Six lessons that modern leaders should take to heart if they want to avoid their own ´Kodak Moment´.
Millennials. The most talked about generation since, well, since ever. They are the children of the wealthy, healthy and active baby boomer generation of the 60s.
A team of exceptional employees is the foundation of any successful company. When a position opens up, finding the perfect person for that job is a must.
Recruiting the right people is critical to the success of any company.
Competency-based interviews can provide employers with a detailed insight into how a candidate might perform any given task and whether they’ve got the background and skills you’re looking for