Use social media to your advantage

Social media has become a part of our daily lives. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are not just a good way to stay in touch with friends and family; these and similar sites are also wonderful tools for a finding a new job. Create a professional, public profile that gives HR managers and recruitment consultants a chance to get to know you. Present yourself in your best light and pique the interest of potential employers from the very start via social media.

Explore professional networking sites

There are a number of online platforms designed specifically for professional networking. LinkedIn and Xing are two of the most well-known. People really do find jobs on these sites, so get your profile up as soon as possible. These sites make it easy to find people you already know and quickly link you with other professionals in your field. Upload a current CV as well as an attractive photo and be sure to mention any specials skills and degrees. Write a brief yet personal biography to instantly grab the attention of any potential employers. Be sure to keep your profile current and honest.

Be careful with private information

One mistake that many people make is giving away too much of the wrong kind of personal information. It is a fact that HR managers assess their applicants by looking at any and all social media profiles, including those intended to be "private". Facebook is a prime example of this. You must be vigilant about checking your privacy settings to ensure no one can see things you do not want them to see. Ask yourself: would I want my boss to see or know this? In general you want to avoid embarrassing or work-inappropriate photos and posts. Refrain from using offensive language and be objective when adding content.

Create a website or blog and post often

A great way to boost your online presence is to create a website or blog. Your website does not have to be work-related. It can be about something you are passionate about it. Enthusiasm is an attractive trait that potential employers desire. Link your website to your social media profiles and engage in conversations on topic-related forums. These days HR managers and recruitment consultants want to know as much as possible about you before even inviting you to an interview. Remember this and use it to your advantage!