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How to use your online reputation to find a job

Your online reputation plays a vital role when looking for a job. Undoubtedly, HR managers will take a look at applicants' Facebook, Twitter, Xing, and LinkedIn profiles. Use this fact to your advantage! Create a professional, public profile and give HR managers and recruitment consultants a chance to get to know you. Follow the steps below to develop a good reputation on the internet.

Use Xing and LinkedIn

Xing and LinkedIn are both terrific sites for boosting your professional online presence. These social networks have been specifically developed for professional networking. Both allow you to post your CV as well as outline your education and professional highlights. You can foster your existing contacts, and the unique contact "finder" features allow you to connect with other professionals in your field. Be sure to upload a professional and flattering photo and to write a brief biography that instantly grabs the attention of potential employers.

Handle private information with care

It is a fact that HR managers assess their applicants by looking at their social media profiles and not just those intended for professional networking-careers have been made and broken via Facebook. Most people use Facebook as a strictly private platform to share personal photos, comment on friends' status updates, and RSVP to events. This is fine, but just remember that anything you post online can be found. Review your privacy settings often, avoid embarrassing or unflattering photos, refrain from posting offensive or overly political comments, and be objective when adding content. Your future job may depend on it!

Create your own website or blog

One of the best ways to boost your online reputation is to create your own website or blog. Your website can be about anything so long as you are passionate about it and have some level of expertise. Being an enthusiast shows drive and creativity, two traits potential employers tend to look for in an applicant. Be sure to link your website to your profiles on social media sites and post comments on topic-related forums. HR managers and recruitment consultants often look at these forums, so positive feedback can be beneficial.