Michael Page: more than just a job search

The PageGroup is one of world's most renowned recruitment consultant companies. We have been helping businesses and professionals come together for over 40 years. More than 5,000 employees in 150 offices across the globe means access to the most current information on local and international job markets. We offer individual consultation with qualified experts to help job seekers find their next career. Read on to find out more.

Professional "match-making" at its finest

As soon as you send your CV to the professionals at Michael Page we will immediately begin to search our list of job openings to find the best match possible. This includes a precise comparison of your qualifications and needs against the requirements and basic conditions of the job. Should a match be found, a Michael Page recruitment consultant will invite you to a one-on-one interview before submitting your documents to your potential employer. It is that easy! Sometimes this process takes days, sometimes weeks. However long it takes, you can rest assured that we are handling your information confidentially and working tirelessly to help you find your next job.

Valuable information and interview support

Our assistance carries on past the match-making. Once an interview has been arranged, we help you prepare for it so you can present your best self. With so many decades of experience, it comes as no suprise that our recruitment consultants have been working with many HR managers for years. They also understand the inner workings of many companies. You can ask us specific questions about the company and the job you will be interviewing for. This type of information gives you an advantage and allows you to put your best foot forward on the day of the interview.

Let us negotiate for you

Contract negotiations can be tricky. At Michael Page we have experts who know just what to do. Our consultants have been helping customers negotiate terms for decades. We have all the current information on what type of salary is expected in each field and for each position. We also know what is considered fair in terms of benefits, working hours, and more. Let us help you get the contract you deserve.

Continued support even after you sign the contract

Our help does not have to end once your contract has been signed. We can keep you up to date on possible career moves within your company as well as assist you in solidifying your career objectives. We are even happy to assist you should any misunderstandings or troubles occur in your new workplace. We take the word "support" seriously.